Join the Bund!

AUSTIN, TX – The Austin Klezmer Bund is accepting new recruits!  Rehearsals are underway in preparation for HONK TX 2018.  The Austin Klezmer Bund is a community folk music ensemble that plays events and festivals in central Texas, including HONK TX 2018.  Please contact the bund if you are interested in HONK-ing with us in […]

MAZEL TOV KOCKTAIL HOUR Releases Their Debut CD SHOYN AVEK DER NEKHTN Saturday, December 2, 2017 in Austin, Texass

[October 13, 2017] – Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour (MTKH), an 8-year-old traditional Jewish music band in Austin, is releasing its first album, entitled Shoyn Avek Der Nekhtn, which translates as “Yesterday Is Dead And Gone.” The 10-piece ensemble presents an exciting and energetic take on Yiddish music, some of which has never been recorded in […]

The Traditional Jewish Music Foundation is seeking grants to fund community events with the Austin Klezmer Bund

AUSTIN, TX – Austin-based non profit the Traditional Jewish Music Foundation is seeking sponsors to support free school classes and special learning events through the Austin Klezmer Bund.  The TJMF is a recently founded non-profit organization with a focus on supporting folk musicians through the production of learning events at Schools, libraries, and community spaces.  […]

Trad Klez at HONK TX Street Band Festival!

Laaaaaadies & Menshn! It’s time for Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour with Di Austiner Klezmer Bund Orchestra TODAY as part of HONK TEXAS in the park – it’s FREE! Enjoy and have a restful Shabbes in the sun while listening to Trad Klez. Saturday, March 28th: Adams-Hemphill Park at the Spiderhouse Ballroom “Family Stage” (Hemphill @ […]